Thank you for choosing to learn more about Completely Psyched and the services I offer as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have always felt that it is an honor to share the growth, healing, and transformations my clients have shared with me. I believe it is not the easiest journey a person can take when addressing confusing, painful and challenging life circumstances. Many take the seemingly easier path of doing nothing while not considering that often times that it leaves you feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. Life often does not change unless you make the decision to make a change and then commit to making that change happen. I commend you for having the courage and strength to choose this path. The path of change and growth.

I bring a respectful, thoughtful and genuine presence to the therapy experiences I have with my clients. I'm convinced that the therapeutic relationship is the number one factor in helping a client maximize their self-discovery, healing, and growth. I believe therapy supports the development of good relationships, healthy boundaries, self awareness, life balance, and the ability to be empathetic towards one's self and others. I provide a safe, comfortable, supportive, and non-judgmental space where personal growth and self-acceptance are encouraged and can be realized.

I provide individual, couples, and family therapy with an emphasis on health wellness, relationship development, career exploration, and mental health improvement. I rely on varied therapeutic approaches that emphasize employing what works with each specific client. There is no one shoe that fits all feet. Therapy is a collaborative experience that I foster with my clients. The therapeutic experience is an unique one for each person and needs to be nurtured and respected. Therapy has the ability to to change your life.

You have just one important decision to make. You have to make the commitment to change your life.

John Wayne Wilson, Ph.D.

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